10 Commonly Asked Question About Shopfitting Answered

While considering what type of design a business needs, many business owners have quite a few questions. We often hear a lot of the same questions and so we decided to write this post to help clear up some of those common questions and concerns to help you make a more educated decision.

In this post, we’re going to address our top 10 most commonly asked questions. Continue reading to get answers to your shopfitting questions.

How Do I Plan for Shopfitting?

Before you decide to do a major outfit on your shop or place of business, it is important to consider how much of a refurbish your space really needs. If it is really outdated and has little appeal, then a complete overhaul may be necessary. If you run a retail shop and want to have nice ground level appearance to help draw in more customers, then maybe all you need is a custom outfit on the front of your store.

Many stores already function well and look great, but maybe they simply want a more updated look and feel. Some changes may require a shopfitter, or a business could opt for a savvier option and do some simple updates and aesthetic changes. Preparing for shopfitting is more about determining what is necessary and what is a priority and narrowing it down so that when you approach your shopfitting firm, you know exactly what you need. Knowing these details will help speed up the process for everyone involved.

How Do I Know What To Change?

While preparation is key in this process, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your charges are possible and experts can help you figure out what would work best in your space. You will not know exactly what to change until we all sit down and discuss what must be done in your space. You may find that you need to make more changes to your space than you initially thought or maybe you do not require a lot.

Experienced professionals will be able to do a complete assessment and see if you what you want or need is necessary or possible. The more ideas you have, the easier it will be to put together a design plan and get your project moving forward.

What Should My Color Scheme Be?

We want to be sure that the changes we make work with the color scheme a business already has. Businesses are welcome to change their entire space, but it is not necessary in order to make a new design work. You might have a really strong brand that is powered by the colors you already use and we will simply work with that when we can.

We can show you what choices you have, and you can decide if you need to change all of the colors or only some of them. You probably were not aware of what you could do because you were so focused on changing everything, but we can actually make this much easier on you by planning alongside you to make a space that you can be proud of.

What Is Refurbishment?

Refurbishment is a much more expansive version of we do for a lot of our clients. If you have a business space that has become really outdated, a refurbishment of that space means that we are going to change everything. Refurbishing takes longer, but it is worth your while when it is finished. We do everything from changing the color on the walls, changing all the fixtures, change the traffic flow of your store, or even change the atmosphere altogether.

How Does Refurbishment Differ From Shopfitting?

Shopfitting is a little different from refurbishing in that we are not changing everything. It generally involves changing some of the fixtures in the space that you are using to help your customers find what they are looking for in your shop. They take a look at merchandising and what special fixtures will be helpful to you. More than that, we want to arrange them in a way that will help increase sales and the amount your customer spend.
What About Commercial Spaces?

Commercial spaces are different from retail stores because they are so large and serve a different purpose. We are happy to help with the refurbishment of a large commercial space and help modernise it. You can make your space into anything you want, and we will work with you to you reach your goal.

Show us the space that you want to change and we do what we can to work with those changes. We do our best to get inside of your vision so that you get the design that you want. We do what we can to work around all the problems that commercial spaces have and will transform it to make it look much more inviting.

How Long Does Shopfitting Take?

Usually, we come up with a timeline and do our best to adhere to it. However, anything could happen along the way so we cannot guarantee a specific timeline for your work, but we will keep you updated throughout the process. Shopfitting takes less time than a refurbishment, but we do not want to rush things. This way, you get the best results possible.

How Much Does It Cost?

We will give you an estimate for the work that we plan to do, which you will have to approve before we can begin the process. We will not start working on your project until you have signed off on it. It is essential that you know the cost, the plan, the changes, and to agree to the timeline we provide before beginning.

What Sort Of Businesses Do You Serve?

Whether you run a small clothing shop, a café, restaurant, pub, or business office, there really is no limit to the type of customers and businesses we serve. No matter the business, we can help you make it reach your design goals. We use our creativity and expertise to solve problems that our customers have and will help you feel much better about your business space. No challenge is too great or too small for us.

How Do I Get More Information?

You can visit our homepage for your shopfitting Sunshine Coast needs and you will find our contact information under ‘Contact’. Our team of professionals is ready to help you reach your business design goals and will do our best to answer any questions you may have before scheduling a meeting or on-site consultation.


Five Ways White Oak Developments Can Transform Your Business Space

Does your retail space need to be touched up? Or, does it need a better layout for an improved shopping experience? Businesses are always looking for ways to increase sales We can help give your business the upgrade it needs and we have a long track record of beautifying retail spaces. Customers will not come to your place of business unless they see something that draws them in and we can help you achieve that by working with your space and using our expertise.

It is important to consider the situation you are in, how much you want to spend, and what you want your space to look like. We will work with you on the changes you plan to make, and we will do this in any of the five ways listed below.

Create a New Company Vision

We at White Oak Developments want to help you create a new vision for your company. You have to look at the interior of your store every day and we know that it can get quite boring if it is not up to par. Whiteoak Developments can help you create a stronger company vision and brand with a newly outfitted business design.

Whether you require new fixtures, a simple shopfitting design, a refurbishment, or maintenance, we have the experience and expertise to help you create a strong vision you can be confident with.

Increase Revenue

One way successful businesses increase the amount customers spend is through a strategic store layout. Better traffic flow has been proven to make a difference when it comes to shopping and spending because let’s face it, you simply cannot just place your products all over the store hoping that customers will find them, let alone buy them. We will perform a complete shopfitting overhaul of your business because we want your company to look much better than it did when we began.

Using new fixtures, displays, and lighting, your shop’s makeover will help you properly display your products in a way that will encourage customers to spend more money than they had originally planned before stepping into your business. We cannot guarantee a high ROI, but we have seen how a refurbishment or outfit has helped increase revenue for many of our clients.

Provide the Right Atmosphere

Refurbishing a retail space has the potential to provide the right type of atmosphere for your products and brand. You will maintain the same basic structure of your business, but we can help change the theme of your space. You could easily go from a quaint little shop to a colonial cottage that reminds you of a different time. Or, you may sell vintage clothes in a shop that looks like it came right from the screen of a Miss Fisher Mystery. You could change your café into a modern place for people to mix, mingle, and just hang out for hours.

Refurbishing your space the right way is essential, which is why we take the time to understand your business and your vision so we can help create the right atmosphere for your brand or products since people will associate what you do with how your business looks and feels. If people do not feel what your business sells, then there is a good chance they may not return, which may be a problem you are already experiencing.

Reorganise Your Commercial Space

Refurbishing commercial spaces takes a delicate touch and we know that many businesses would like to turn large commercial spaces into a restaurant, shop, or bar. We want you to see your vision for your large commercial space come to life. We can show you how to cope with all the different parts of the building or space that you did not have a plan for. Those hanging pipes and ducts above you can be transformed into a ceiling that will attract more customers and we will help your space feel cozy and inviting.

It does not matter what your space was used for in the past. As you know, you cannot simply hollow out an old building hoping to turn it into a successful business. We want you to truly enjoy the experience of changing the building into something new and we can help it into something new that you will love.

Maintain Your Business Space

Doing maintenance and touch-ups to the spaces we have worked on helps maintain your space and we would be happy to come in at least once a year to give you a fresh touch-up on your space through one of our commercial maintenance packages. You may have been looking at some spaces in your store or café that you believe would benefit from a bit of care, and we will come in to help you update the commercial space that we might have worked on previously.

If you only require a small amount of maintenance because you did the original work yourself, we can help maintain your space as well. Our company enjoys collaborating with our clients on a variety of different maintenance job types. Each time we visit you, we will use our creative eye to help you update your space more with each visit.

Improve Curb Appeal
As much as we enjoy interior shopfitting and transformation, it is important to have the right curb appeal that will attract customers. We do not work on the exterior of your building, but we will help you how make your business or storefront attract more interest in what you do or what you sell. We can help position everything in the store to make sure it looks just right when customers look inside your business.


You deserve to work in a space that makes you feel good about your business and you can make this happen when you hire our team of professional shopfitters on the Sunshine Coast. We know how to work with different types of spaces and businesses to help you make your shop more modern and beautiful. You could be turning customers away if they do not like the way your business looks. You can avoid losing business by asking for help from the right design professionals.

6 Amazing Shopfitting Design Concepts to Consider

In today’s design world, the sky is literally the limit. Shops and retail stores have more design options and materials from which to choose compared to even ten or fifteen years ago. Shop owners also have the option of incorporating an overall design theme or concept with their shop’s niche, which can make deciding on the right design elements a little tricky and at times overwhelming.

However, modern day design concepts have changed the interior decorating and design options so much so that now shopfitting design options are a combination of simplicity and function with a dash of unique style. Many shops can now include different elements that traditional retail store settings never even considered or knew they had access to. For example, using upcycled and recycled materials or by using the ‘less is more’ design concept with the focus being more on the actual merchandise or product rather than over crowding a shop’s space with distracting signage and displays.

We viewed some of the most interesting shopffitting design concepts from retail shops around the world so you can see how they are using unique design concepts to help them stand out from the crowd. Because let’s face it, more and more people are shopping online than ever before, which makes it even more challenging for retail stores to compete and stay in business.

Believe it or not, the right design concept is what typically makes people want to take that extra trip over to your shop, so maybe some of these concepts will inspire you to switch things up a little and make some changes to your space.


  1. Using Upcycled and Recycled Materials.

Reusing and recycling has gone from home design and can now be found in retail stores, restaurants, offices, and cafes around the world. Reusing old doors, barn wood, or basically anything from times past, adds a bit of a shabby chic and rustic design element that only rustic, old pieces can provide. It is not something that is easily recreated using modern materials either.

Three things happen when stores reuse items such as old doors and windows as part of their store design and décor. First, the store saves themselves a lot of money on materials. Especially if they take the time to shop around to find what they are looking for next to nothing, and in some cases, for nothing at all! Second, instead of the items possibly wasting away in already full landfills, they are little giving these materials a “second chance,” only in a different concept altogether. Third, upcycled materials allow shops to have a store that is truly their own and a design and style that literally no one else has.

Using repurposed materials doesn’t necessarily limit you either. Like in the store concept on the left, the modern white space provides the perfect home for the workstation made from repurposed wood. Shop around and do some research to see how you can spice up your office or shop with the use of recycled materials.






  1. The “Less is More” Concept.

Depending on the product you are selling, a more simplistic design element may help your products sell easier because the design allows your merchandise to shine. Much like the design concept from the shop in Scotland on the right, what stands out more is the color and design on the sweaters, not the store itself. However, this particular concept will not work for all clothing lines, this could be a great window display idea or possibly a great way to make a certain item stand out more.


The shop below is located in New York City. Not only are they repurposing brown paper bags, their overall design is simple with the clothing items and display cases being at the forefront of your mind with the paper bags tricking you into thinking they are bricks at first site. A simple concept with subtle repurposing at its finest.


  1. Adding Wood and Pipes.


By adding some wood or old pipes, you can easily create a simple design concept that is not overbearing but still stands out from the rest. Pipes (both old and new) are a very inexpensive, yet highly versatile material due. More and more shops and businesses are adding this hint of rustic and modern design idea into their overall design concept.

Wood is also an inexpensive way to create your own design concept ideas. Much like the image on the image on the far left, it is clear that someone built this wooden coat rack which helps to showcase the merchandise quite well without over whelming shoppers. Try building your own coat and display racks out of wood or using a combination of pipes and wood to give your store that rustic feel without breaking the bank.

  1. Creative Use of Colour.

When it comes to using colour, the sky is the limit. However, you don’t want overdo it with the use of colour either. Much like the concept on the right, the colours were tactfully incorporated into a white and modern office space. It’s literally the perfect splash of colour, which makes for a very intriguing design concept. Doesn’t this make you want to walk inside and find out what they do or what services they provide?


The right colour contrasts will have people interested in what you do. Much like the design concept from a Sydney home below, the colour contrasts are literally quite perfect and very inspiring. It may not be the right concept for your shop or store, but could really work well with some niches, such as in a café or restaurant. Certain colours have the ability to set the tone or mood depending on the environment, for example, some colors make us hungry, some make us happy, while others have the ability to inspire relaxation and/or ambience.

  1. Wall Designs and Product Displays.

The New York clothing shop on the left definitely has the right idea. They’ve incorporated the “less is more” concept with a bit of modernity and organization that makes their merchandise showcase itself. Cute benches allow customers to site and relax as they try on shoes or wait for their friends to model clothing items. This design concept is perfectly organised and not in your face whatsoever. It makes shoppers want to go inside and see what’s hanging on those perfect wall racks.

A low wooden block table neatly displays accessories in a way that invites customers to pick them and try them on, which will most likely make it easier for customers to decide on buying them. Cluttered displays are not as inviting because customers may be afraid to move or touch display items. Another way the “less is more” design concept works well for some retailers.


  1. Pop-up Retail Shop Concepts.

Like the pop-up bike shop below, many other niches and brands are jumping on board with this design concept as well. Not only is this design simple and inexpensive, but it also saves retailers heaps of money on renting expensive retail space while providing shoppers with a unique shopping experience.

Pop-up shops also allow small retailers on a budget the opportunity to showcase their products and brand in a variety of locations allowing them them to expand their market with little advertising costs because they get fresh, new traffic in each new location. The design above is simple, modern, cost-effective, with a hint of modernity, which makes this a one-of-a-kind bike shop.

Finding and incorporating the right design into your shop could be the difference between regularly attracting customers to losing customers to the competition. Shop designs should be unique to your brand, a task that is not always easy to accomplish but easily done with some careful thoughts and planning. Contact us for all of your shopfitting needs on the Sunshine Coast to learn more about how we can help your brand get the recognition it needs and deserves.


Refurbishing Your Retail Store: Some Lesser-Known Benefits

Some of the benefits of refurbishing your retail store are clear: Refurbishments let you take better advantage of your limited floor space, and they can help rejuvenate a store that’s become stale or outdated over time. Some of the additional benefits, however, are less obvious, and learning these benefits might help you determine that it’s time to invest in refurbishment. Here are a few of the lesser-known reasons why a refurbishment can benefit your store.

Mental Refresh

Refurbishing your shop can be a bit stressful at times. However, with the stress comes excitement, and knowing that your store is going to emerge as a better place can be exciting. The greatest benefits occur after the refurbishment is complete, as reopening your store with a brand new look and layout can be tremendously rewarding. This refresh helps employees on all levels as well. For point-of-sale employees, showing up to the same store day after day can be a bit tiring. Having a new store to show up to can make long days a bit more enjoyable, and the changes you invest in can lead to a more pleasing work environment.

Energy Savings

Store refurbishments differ greatly in scope but many entail some degree of structural change. When refurbishing your store, you’ll likely be able to take advantage of energy-saving technologies that can help you cut back on electricity, lighting, and heating costs. Even small improvements can lead to significant savings over time; saving just a small percentage on your heating and cooling bills by upgrading your windows, for example, can save your hundreds or thousands of dollars each year in expenses. In fact, many of these changes eventually pay for themselves over a few years. In addition to saving money, these energy savings also help you reduce your store’s impact on the environment, and meeting certain standards lets you advertise your business as eco-friendly.

New Retail Infrastructure

Computers have long played a role in the retail business, and this trend has accelerated dramatically in recent years. While a business-class router and business internet connection are often enough to adopt new technologies, there are plenty of hardware options that let you make the most of these new advances. A new point-of-sale interface, for example, can help you serve customers better; equipping employees with tablet devices, for example, can help them prepare orders while working with customers on the sales floor. Today’s shoppers also enjoy free wireless internet access, and installing a few access points while refurbishing your store can lead to a more seamless experience. Modern flatscreen televisions are far cheaper than those in the past, and hanging a few throughout your store can give it a thoroughly contemporary look for an economical price.

Adjust to New Trends

Trends affect nearly all type of retail stores, and these trends can render your previous layout incompatible with current sensibilities. Smartphones are a great example of how new items can change retail stores dramatically, as competing in the electronic retail industry entails stocking smartphones and tablets, and many stores simply weren’t designed to display smartphones and let customers try them out. While change comes more slowly in other industries, it’s still inevitable. Refurbishing your store lets you change your layout to accommodate new types of products, letting you remain competitive. These changes can also help stores that are growing by making more efficient use of space.

Soft Relaunch

Launching a store is a great experience, and it’s one that you can’t repeat in the future. However, soft relaunches can go a long way toward recreating that feeling, and an effective refurbishment can make a relaunch even more exciting. Consider combining the end of your refurbishment with an advertising campaign going over the changes you’ve made, as people who haven’t visited your store in a while might be interested to see how it changed. Refurbishments are also a great time to consider rebranding or even renaming your business. A new logo or color scheme, when adopted alongside a refurbishment, can give your business an exciting new identity.

Catch Up

Procrastination is fairly common in the retail world, and it’s easy to let small tasks pile up over time. The best way to handle these tasks is often to do them all at once, and a store refurbishment serves as a great opportunity to catch up and finally cross off everything on your to-do list. Because refurbishing your store often entails clearing it out entirely, cleaning tasks and other chores are often easier to accomplish. If you have carpet stains you’ve wanted to address, for example, a refurbishment is a perfect opportunity to bring in experts or replace the carpet. Catching up can also help you relieve stress, as finally getting ahead of procrastination feels great.

Add or Remove Office Space

Office space plays an important role in retail stores, but different stores have differing office needs, and the building you’ve purchased or rented might not be ideal for your store’s needs. Refurbishments provide a chance to add in more office space if it’s needed, giving you the backroom area you need to operate most effectively. In some cases, stores have more office space than they need, and tearing down walls can help you open up your floor space without having to relocate. Create a rough blueprint of your store and determine if your floor space and office spaces are proportioned appropriately.

Meet with Consultants

Refurbishing your store provides a great opportunity for taking an inventory of your operations and finding ways to improve your business. Before and during your renovations, consider if there are any ways you can operate more efficiently and effectively by bringing in experts on retail store operation. IT consultations can help you make the most of your technical infrastructure and ensure you can handle new technologies on the horizon. Bring in a branding consultant lets you perform your refurbishment in a way that improves your branding. General management consultants are great for preparing your employees for new operations and to provide better customer service. While all of these consultation services can be helpful at any time, changes are often easier to implement in conjunction with refurbishments.

Create a Safer Store

Running an effective retail store means creating a safe environment for all visitors. Many older buildings have potential safety risks that can cause potential harm to customers, which can damage your reputation; some injuries can even lead to expensive lawsuits. When performing your refurbishment, you’ll be able to identify potential risks and mitigate them before your open again. Again, it may be worth bringing in a consultant who can help you identify possible problems that take an expert to notice. As with everything in your store, ensure safety is a top priority, and run potential changes by experts to ensure they’re as safe as possible.

Fight Shoplifting

There are more tools available to fight shoplifting today than ever before. Because shoplifting represents such a significant expense for businesses, it’s worth investing in infrastructure changes that help prevent shoplifting. Effective layouts provide employees with a better view of would-be shoplifters, and these arrangements are often compatible with contemporary design sensibilities that favor open retail environments. Furthermore, security camera technology has never been cheaper, and it’s fairly inexpensive to install cameras throughout your store and save a large amount of footage cheaply. Refurbishing your store provides a great time to invest in these new technologies.

Create Unique Spaces for Customers

When first running a retail store, many owners focus primarily on maximizing their floor space. However, modern retail stores often provide seating areas for customers, which allow them to try out products and talk with sales agents about their needs. Refurbishing your office gives you an opportunity to explore these options and find new ways to create a unique experience for your customers. Modern retail shoppers want a unique experience, and investing in elements that make your store stand out can help you build a loyal customer base.

The brick-and-mortar retail industry is under tremendous pressure due to the ubiquity of online shopping. However, there is still plenty of room to compete, and those who make the most of their retail space can remain competitive by providing an enjoyable, personal experience. While many store owners consider the possibility of refurbishing their retail outlets, many fail to realize just how powerful a proper refurbishment can be. If you have any questions about how a refurbishment can help your store, contact https://www.whiteoakdevelopments.com.au/ to learn more.


Reasons Why Your Office Could Benefit From Refurbishment

Your company’s office space is one of its greatest assets. A clean, well-designed office space is invaluable for both employees and clients. Perhaps you’ve noticed that things are looking a little worn or that productivity is suffering. You may have been considering a move for various reasons, but have you thought about commercial refurbishment? An office suffering from an aging design can be given bold new life with a refurbishment. Refurbishing your office can create a more efficient and productive space for your employees to work and do business in. There are numerous benefits to refurbishing your office. Here’s a few for you to consider.

Refurbishment modernizes aging workspaces

Many companies find themselves working out of offices they’ve rented for years, if not decades in some cases. Structures become worn, walls need repainting, and designs simply grow old. By refurbishing your office, you can recreate your company’s space into a clean, organized, and modern work environment. New furniture can liven otherwise emotionless rooms. Glass divisions and walls give a sense of transparency and openness. Rooms can be reworked to fit more desks in an open, collaborative environment. Today, many companies are choosing to get rid of the conventional “cube farm” and are opting to create an open setting where workers feel like they can communicate and collaborate without artificial barriers. Increased interconnectedness like this can boost morale, productivity, and help motivate employees to work together to push the company further.

A new look brings new productivity

Company morale can be rejuvenated by something as simple as a fresh coat of paint and new furniture. If everyone’s stuck in a collective rut, consider refurbishing your office to bring a new feel to a familiar environment. Keeping things fresh can lead to increased productivity, as employees don’t feel trapped in an unchanging environment.

Refurbishment ties right in with rebranding

Is your company currently going through or planning on beginning a rebranding? If so, it’s the perfect time to refurbish your offices. A company’s office is an integral part of its image, even if it’s an aspect rarely seen by consumers. Do you have a new logo? Take this chance to update your office and paint it proudly on the walls. You can even match the office color scheme to your business’ graphic design identity, further tying it all together. A new look compliments the change brought on by a rebranding and gives the company a fresh face for visiting clients.

Create positive first impressions with a clean space

It’s important to consider the first impression clients receive when visiting your office for the first time. Does the space convey a sense of cleanliness and order, or are they struck by the outdated design? Your office may be a comfortable environment for your workers, but how do potential clients feel about it? You’ll want to be sure that when a new client enters your office they feel welcomed not only by the people but the setting as well. By refurbishing your office, you can be sure your company is putting its best foot forward when it’s presented to new customers.

Maximize efficiency of existing space

Perhaps there’s a need for a new boardroom, additional space for desks, or departments that need to be in closer proximity. Problems like these have solutions in office refurbishment. Refurbishing your office gives you the opportunity to reconsider existing layouts and change the way different parts are connected. During refurbishment, you’ll be able to consider your space from the top down and plan exactly how to best make use of its resources. Is there a particular section that’s feeling cramped? Maybe a boardroom that could benefit from the privacy of a different floor? Would workers like for partitions to be set up to provide privacy? Is there a lack of proper storage space that can be settled with a new room? All of these things and more are easily accomplished when you refurbish from the ground up and give yourself a clean slate to work with.

Remove hazards and strengthen safety

As buildings age, they present a variety of safety hazards that may not be immediately apparent in the day to day functioning of a company. When you refurbish your office, you’ll be able to carefully assess the potential dangers that may have been overlooked otherwise. Aging structures and fixtures may present hazards that may not appear obvious. Things like exposed wires, cluttered workspaces, and a lack of adequate storage can create a hazardous work environment that may eventually result in an otherwise preventable injury. Workplace accidents have been known to happen in an office setting and addressing safety when refurbishing can help prevent that.

Easily downsize or reorganize

If your company has recently downsized, now is the perfect time to refurbish your office. Take the space that’s been freed up and put it to good use by creating a new boardroom or expanding existing areas. Perhaps your staff could benefit from a new common room, or you’d like to create a lobby in which to receive potential clients. If you’re down to a smaller number of workers, it’s also beneficial to rework the office to be sure everyone is close enough for collaboration but separate enough for privacy. There’s no reason not to take advantage of the new space created from downsizing to not only create new rooms but also give workers the space they need and deserve.

Make a move towards operating as a green office

Your company’s carbon footprint can likely be reduced by restructuring and refurbishing the office. If you haven’t upgraded appliances recently, consider doing so now when a variety of eco-friendly electronics are entering the market. You can reduce electricity usage by maximizing the use of existing space and avoiding the creation of unused rooms. Increasing the number of shared resources can lessen your company’s environmental impact by encouraging employees to waste less and share more.

Improve the atmosphere of your office

One of the most overlooked attributes of a well-run office is the atmosphere. This includes the lighting and feeling of openness that comes from having access to windows and fresh air. By removing unnecessary clutter, you can liberate your office and give it a new sense of openness. If there are only certain rooms with access to windows, consider converting a few to office spaces or common areas where employees can take a few minutes to recharge before continuing their day. Numerous studies have shown that natural light boosts a person’s mood greatly, leading to increased productivity and morale.

Comply effectively with newly introduced legislation

As countries across the globe make a push for higher standards in environmental care and ethical employee treatment, it can be useful to use a refurbishment to comply with these new regulations. Instead of viewing new laws as restrictions, try to view them as opportunities. If you find yourself forced to restructure for legal reasons, use it as a chance to improve your office setting for the betterment of everyone in the company.

There are many benefits that come with refurbishing existing office space. You can use it as an opportunity to reorganize rooms and furniture to maximize space, situate employees in a setting that is comfortable and productive, and update the office appearance to better fit a new brand. Every office is filled with overlooked potential that a simple refurbishment can reveal easily. Consider working with your local shopfitters Sunshine Coast so you can create a plan to rework what you have available and breathe new life into your company by creating an environment that’s productive, efficient, and all around a joy to work in.


What Different Industries Should Expect From A Shopfitter

Shopfitting is simply providing local businesses with the equipment and installations that they need. Expert shopfitters will survey a business to determine what kind of work needs to be done to make the establishment more attractive to customers. In addition, clients may come to shopfitters with their own pre-determined designs so that shopfitters may make their designs become a reality. Either way, shopfitting is now a lucrative business for stores of any niche.

Once the contractors have the designs in mind, they will handle equipment and merchandise to get started on the plans. They will then install the designed equipment and fixtures so that the business may continue their normal operations. Since some niches (like fashion) are extremely competitive, shopfitters may be used to continually make changes to keep up with current trends.

Shopfitters may also work closely with other professionals and tradesmen so that contracts are completed correctly and in a timely manner. Electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and others may gain employment through subcontracting through shopfitters.

Just about any store starting up in Australia will want to use a shopfitter. After dealing with legal papers, financing, and the business plans itself, designing a store is just another stress factor that a business owner does not need.

Installation of Shop Displays

What would a store be without shop display shelving? Shopfitters will give their magical touch to discover new innovative ways to fix up displays so that it optimizes sales. Such shelving may also be arranged so that it is more efficient at stocking more items in smaller sized stores.

Display cabinets are very much preferred in many stores for both security reasons and fancily showing the customers what products they have for offer. The separation of the customer from the item will force interaction with the shop owners to see the item. The increased interaction will increase the likelihood that the customer will purchase or at least negotiate for the item.

Slatwall panels are commonly utilized and are typically used to re-organize floor space and increase customer access to products. Different accessories like hooks or leaflets are applied so that extra product may be hung up and increase sales to complimentary items.

For a dynamic shelving option, gondola displays are used in a large variety of stores. These displays can be set up to create small aisles with products shelved on either side. These displays are adjustable and customizable so that it may be applied in a large variety of fashions. Tall gondola units are very common in large convenient stores or supermarkets due to the large volume of products that it can carry.

Setting Up Shop Counters

Shopfitters will make a priority of setting a store up with the proper shop counter. This is typically where the store owner or employee will be situated, so this represents the face of the company to the customer. A large emphasis on aesthetics, availability, and friendliness must be applied when a fitter plans out the counter.

The many types of counters are so overwhelming to a clueless shop owner. The material used in the counter will send a visual message in what to expect in the establishment. A traditional wooden counter may represent a store that has a sense of culture or a rustic appearance, which may be ideal for touristic-related industries. Glass counters are useful for stores that want to give attention to precious items; this is highly useful in jewelry stores or pawn shops. Laminate counters give a modern look, so it is useful in retail stores and especially those that sell electronics or office supplies.

After the customer tours the shop and picks their wares, they will need a place to put it. A clear and smart space must be made so that a customer will obviously know where to put their items for purchase. Additional merchandise (like snacks) may be strategically displayed on hooks or miniature shelving so that it is in the eyes of the customer. In some types of stores, a significant amount of money comes from such last minute purchases at the counter so an owner must make it count.

The counters will also serve where computer equipment and cash registers will be held. The counters must be decently sized to hold all of this equipment. It must also have holes or notches to allow for cable management so that sloppily placed cables do not repulse the customers.

Shopfitting For Apparel

Apparel stores must display the latest fashion to passing customers so that they grab the attention with the latest that the fashion industry has available. For this reason, a shopfitter must carefully craft the correct combination of racks, displays, changing rooms, and more to keep this store afloat in the competitive fashion industry.

Garment Rails are where clothes are hanging from a long pole held up by two other poles. This allows for customers to quickly sift through clothing that is just right for their size and style. These rails are so common in clothing shops since it is the most efficient way to store clothing when a shop is tight in space.

Spinners are typically used for smaller accessories to be displayed in a multitude of angles. It is typically a long vertical pole with racks hanging from every direction. It may be able to swerve so a customer can quickly look through the entirety of the product offering in a matter of seconds. These spinners may also come in countertop or basket styles to hold different sorts of products.

Mannequins may come in full bodies or partial body parts to simulate how clothing items fit on a life-sized body. These are typically utilized in display windows on the outsides of shops or within the aisles of a store. As you would imagine, they come in a variety of colors, genders, and ages.

Shopfitters For Coffee Shops, Bakeries, Or Restaurants

An establishment that sells a variety of food items must make their products appealing, accessible, and with an inviting environment. The food industry has a high failure rate due to a number of reasons and store layout is likely one of the primary factors.

Product display counters are the primary thing a food store needs. This is where the customer comes to take a look at the eye candy to get their appetite up. The display must be clear, easy to access and have maximum visibility for every product. This also serves as a means to store fresh product away from the customer so that they do not contaminate it with germs.

Wooden shelving is now a very popular item in stores selling fresh produce. The rustic, back-to-nature look is visually appealing to those sold on the natural living lifestyle. Vegan bakeries, organic fruit stores, and farmers’ markets are some examples of industries benefiting from this type of shelving.

Refrigeration is obviously an essential part of the food industry. If the temperature goes above a certain point, the food will quickly spoil. Spoiled food means a loss in profit, and it takes away from the aesthetics of the store. Open glass refrigerators are also a smart means of displaying food products to customers just like display cabinets.

Fitting Out For Offices

Don’t think shopfitters only work with convenience stores or vegan bakeries; they also work to fit offices so that they are more efficient workspaces. An office is also a place where you take important clients to meetings or consultations, so you must give it a very presentable fashioning. It also must be fitted in a manner so that the maximum number of employees may be stuffed into one office while having the maximum amount of productivity.

Partitions must be strategically placed so that employees can have isolated workspaces as well as areas where small private meetings may be held. Such partitions may have an open glass look with white sidings or they may be treated as isolated rooms with wooden cubicles.

The reception desk is where people are greeted, so it must have a combination of stern professionalism and warm friendliness. This area must also be fitted with counters so that computer and communication equipment is stored in an organized fashion. Counter planning will also take into consideration that there may be multiple employees manning one large desk.

As you can see, a shopfitter must fill a wide variety of tasks to properly fit a brick & mortar store in Australia. White Oak Developments (https://www.whiteoakdevelopments.com.au/) is a business-to-business dealer that specializes in shopfitting Sunshine Coast retail stores in Australia. Their team has a full range of tradesmen that will aid in the installation of the new materials during the shopfitting process. White Oak Developments can take your vague idea and turn it into a major project that will fit your business into modern market trends.


10 Reasons to Hire a Shopfitter on the Sunshine Coast

All business owners have one goal in mind – for their business to be as successful as possible. There are many different ways to achieve financial success within a business, but one of the best ways is to make your brand stand out from the competition.

How do you stand out from the hundreds of thousands of businesses across the country? Sometimes, it’s best to utilize a professional service to do just that. On the Sunshine Coast, shopfitters are a nearly an essential part to any shop owner’s business plan.

Through the use of marketing tools, advertising experience, and market research, shopfitters can help build a storefront that will surpass the competition and make your brand stand out.

Work with a professional tailored specifically to your business.

Shopfitters learn your business inside and out, and come up with a customized plan for your business and business needs. The process is pretty simple. You reach out to the shopfitter you want to work with, and from there a relationship is born.

After learning all about you and your business, the shopfitter will work out a personalized interior design for your store, strategically planning out what will go where to make it efficient and easy for customers to spend their money.

The best part of working with a professional shopfitter is their knowledge of your competitors.  As a shop owner, you understand the importance of standing out and ensuring that your brand is on the forefront of your customer’s mind – not your competition. Getting in front of your competition by way of brand recognition and a gorgeous floor layout, is a fantastic way to increase profit.

Why is working with a shopfitter like White Oak Developments important, and how will your business benefit from their professional services? Let’s look at some examples!

10 reasons to work with a shopfitter on the Sunshine Coast


1.    Expertise in various business areas.

Shopfitters are experts in their field, and each team generally works with individuals that are skilled in specific areas. Hiring professional shopfitters means that you are getting the best of the best, and a team that will work with you and your businesses to promote the brand you are selling. Standard business developers may produce a great looking blue print, but it will not be specific to your industry.

Since shopfitters are professionals, they do the job they’re specialized in and do it well, all within deadlines and budget.

2.    Professional service.

When you work decide to work with shopfitters for your Sunshine Coast business, you are gaining a professional team that will take care of every step and aspect of your build. This includes designing your fit out, to installing, and everything in between. White Oak Developments will even work with you on some minor alterations or complete refurbishes. Shopfitters also work with your leasing office, so you never have to get involved in those discussions.

3.    Designs that will amaze and inspire.

Working with a shopfitter is one of the best ways to get a design for your business that will not only wow your customers, but will surpass the competition as well. Shopfitters like White Oak Developments understand how to make your interior comfortable and appealing for customers, and how to lay out products so they are discoverable with ease.

The most amazing thing is watching the vison that you and your team created come to life. Shopfitters are experienced interior designers and watch everything down to the door fixtures to ensure that the design tells a consistent story about your brand.

4.    Efficiency is their middle name.

Shopfitters on the Sunshine Coast take out a lot of the back and forth of working with different vendors. If you decide to build, redesign, or just breathe new life into your business, using professional shopfitters can maximize your time, while minimizing the headaches.

This means that you don’t have to worry about calling an electrician, plumber, or painter. You are only working with one provider – your shopfitter team.

Shopfitters pride themselves on getting tasks done efficiently, and with little to no input from you. You have other things to handle for your business, let the professionals handle the building and layout!

5.    They are the product placement experts.

When you hire a shopfitter, you are not only getting a beautifully designed store for your business, but you are getting expertise in product placement as well. Shopfitters understand the importance of maximizing shelf space, and including smaller, lower priced items where they will be easily added to an order as an add-on product.

High ticket items are always placed at eye level to make it easy for your customers to find the best on the market, effectively give your business more sales, at higher prices.

6.    Low maintenance management.

Shopfitters make your business so efficient, that it is possible to cut down on the amount of staff that is needed to run your shop. White Oak Developments only works with the best shopfitters in the Sunshine Coast. Shopfitters that know how to maximize fit out for your store, and make things so simple, that your products practically sell themselves.

7.    Make every aspect of your business stand out.

Shopfitters aren’t simply concerned with the store itself, but they work on every single piece of the business their priority. Shopfitters will concentrate on design and installation of counters, showcases, display units, floor coverings, doors, and much more! Having all aspects of your business work in unity provides a consistent brand for your store front.

8.    Expert advice and guidance.

Since shopfitters are known for their experience and expertise in the sales field, they can step in and help you achieve goals that may be difficult to build for the average business owner. Shopfitters will listen to your goals, understand the business needs, and help you plan designs according to your vision.

They make certain that you are fully satisfied with their design, and explain each and every process and decision along the way, showing you how it can increase profit and put more money in your pocket.

9.    Maximize purchases through market research.

Shopfitters know their stuff. They understand the psychology behind what makes consumers tick, and how to maximize on the amount of sales that come through your door. Through the use of market research, product research, as well as understanding the target demographic of your business, shopfitters drive business traffic flow to prevent bottle necking at any particular display.

10. Complete the project faster than commercial builders.

Chances are your business is on a deadline to open, and open fast. After all, the longer the doors are closed, the less money that flows into the store! Working with a shopfitter company will decrease the amount of time needed to get the store up and running. Effectively, you’re cutting out the middleman by working with a shopfitter and not a commercial builder.

When you use a commercial builder, you are not only more involved in the entire process, but the builders have to relay your information back to the shopfitters they work with, taking more steps than necessary (and leaving more room for mistakes!) to complete the project.


The moral of the story is pretty simple. Shopfitters can decrease the time spent on building your business while saving you money, and maximizing your shop space all at the same time.

Professional shopfitters can offer all of the benefits listed above, plus additional resources that we didn’t talk about. Utilizing a professional shopfitter system will take care of all your business needs from A to Z, and will carry out the project with ease and speed.

Still not convinced that you need a shopfitter for your business? Think about the time and energy it will cost you to fit your own shop. Not only are you responsible for everything from product placement to counter installs, but you will need to take the time and research what sales tactics will work for your area and niche market.

Using a shopfitter means that your time remains just that – your time. You don’t have to worry about shutting down shop to complete the shopfitting, your hired professionals will work around your store hours, and often with causing minimal (if any!) disruption to your prime time sales hours.

If you want to maximize the money spent in your store while employing minimal staff (which means less overhead and out of pocket costs), professional shopfitters are the answer you’re looking for. Regardless of whether or not you are looking to improve on your store appearance, or building a completely new store from the ground up, contacting shopfitters on the Sunshine Coast is the first and only call you need to make!

The Types of Business Maintenance that Your Business Needs

As a business or property owner, you might be occupied with a lot of things that building maintenance could be the last thing in your mind. Unfortunately, this step is imperative if you want to prevent expensive repairs in the future and keep the safety inside your building.

Lucky for you, you can easily outsource these tasks to competent experts who know all the nooks and crannies of building maintenance, allowing you and your staff to focus on the real things that matter.

Our building maintenance team at WhiteOak Developments stays on top of the current trends and best practices in the industry, giving you the peace of mind that you’re entrusting your residential or commercial building to a reputable company. Here are the types of maintenance that should be done for your business.

Planned Maintenance

Also commonly known as preventative maintenance, planned maintenance is performed before something even goes wrong, thereby avoiding premature failures. Every building should have a planned maintenance that lays out everything that is needed to be checked within a year. This should include details regarding the building’s equipments and when the recommended maintenance should take place.

With planned maintenance, there will be scheduled appointments with the suitable experts to ensure that all machines and equipments are functioning properly. This includes visual inspections and calibrations in order to ensure that all equipments are performing at peak efficiency and possibly extend the life of these equipments.

Corrective Maintenance

Meanwhile, corrective maintenance is the type of maintenance that occurs when something in your building gets broken, and may include repairs and replacements. While sometimes mistaken with emergency maintenance, there’s a fine line between the two. With corrective maintenance, there could be some building equipments that could function even with some defective parts, and there are those equipments that you can forego for a while and still keep the business running.

Even if you have an in-house building maintenance team, you can count on WhiteOak Developments if you are short-staffed and need temporary help.

Emergency Maintenance

Lastly, emergency maintenance is performed when something in your building gets broken that requires immediate repair or replacement. Examples of situations that warrant an emergency maintenance are major water leaks, air conditioning or heating problems, potential gas leak, and power failure. No matter what situation you’re dealing with, our experts here at WhiteOak Developments can attend to your building emergencies in no time!

Getting help from reliable experts allows you to focus on running your business rather than worry about performance issues of your equipments and the safety of everyone in your building. In addition, your employees will be able to concentrate on keeping your customers happy.

When you choose a company to entrust your maintenance services with, it’s important to look for the right people who utilise the latest technological practices and follow industry standards. The WhiteOak Developments team is the best when it comes to building maintenance in Sunshine Coast, and can tackle even the most tedious tasks, from your HVAC to your landscaping needs.


Conscientious Shopfitting – How to Remodel Your Business Using Greener Methods

Part of being a responsible business owner is making sure that nothing in your shop poses a hazard to the environment. However, with all of the aspects that you have to review from time to time such as sales, marketing, and expenses, this one often gets overlooked.

Fortunately, WhiteOak Developments employ a conscientious team of staff who can redesign your shop up to environmental standards, so you are free to run your business without the guilt. Here are just a few steps you can take to achieve a greener business.

Brighten with LED

One of the simplest ways you can liven up your shop without taking a toll on the environment is by utilising LED lights. These compact bulbs offer various lighting options that can help highlight key areas in your store and create mood, thereby enhancing customer experience.

While you may spend more initially when purchasing LED bulbs, they consume less power and last longer than traditional light bulbs. Additionally, the costs of LED lights have significantly dropped down as compared to when they first appeared in the market years ago.

Use Renewable Materials

For many, shopping is an opportunity for them to unwind, which is why it is important to provide them with a calm, soothing environment while inside the store. This can be achieved by including raw material fixtures.

Recycled timber materials are on trend, and can easily match your concept by sealing with solvent-based or synthetic product. For artistic flooring, you can use stencilled or stamped concrete.

Consider Eco Paint

Going green doesn’t have to be dull and boring. To make your retail space more vibrant, consider repainting using water-based low VOC solution and biodegradable acrylic based paints. These products significantly reduce negative effects on health and the environment.

In addition, most zero or low VOC acrylic water based paints can be applied to floors, walls, doors, window frames and trims. They come in a variety of shades, are scruff resistant, and produce minimal odour. WhiteOak Developments also offer painting services which can be tailored to match your existing concept.

Go Digital

Thanks to today’s advances in technology, it’s much easier for businesses to help the environment by reducing paper use. The availability of software such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), POS (Point of Sale), and other online document sharing platforms significantly reduces landfill wastes and saves retail owners time and money as well.

By going for digital signage and online marketing, wasteful materials such as paper and cardboard will be minimised or even eliminated completely. Not only that, but going paperless increases productivity and allows for better control and organisation.

You can encourage your customers to participate in your environment-friendly efforts by offering to email receipts instead of using the traditional carbon receipts. It’s also a smart tactic to obtain their emails for your future marketing campaigns.

If you’re looking for shopfitters in Sunshine Coast who share your passion of minimising business-related environmental hazards, you can count on WhiteOak Developments to utilise clean and green methods in brightening up your retail space.

Things to Consider for Shopfitting Your Sunshine Coast Business

If you are starting a business, you need to make sure that you have the space to make it happen. However, if you buy a building or space, you are not guaranteed that it’s going to be the best way for you to get what you need. How can you be certain that you have everything set up in a way that makes sense and that will work well?

Shopfitting Sunshine Coast is a very common practice that businesses use in order to make sure that they can get the most for whatever they may be trying to do or achieve with their business. What this entails is the process of putting together a commercial area in a way that is going to be beneficial for those who are running the business and how they want to get things done. While that may take time and effort to really figure out what needs to happen, shopfitters Sunshine Coast have the expertise and knowledge necessary to ensure that it all gets done the right way.

What considerations do you need to make when you start the process of shopfitting? Here are a few that you may want to keep in mind:

  • How much space do you need? Depending on what sort of business that you have, you may have different needs when it comes to the space that you are using. Take a little time to explore what’s out there and to make sure that you get your hands on something that makes sense for what you want to be able to do.
  • How much space do you currently have? Obviously, you can’t figure out what sort of space that you need or a layout for it until you know what building space or rental space that you have available to work with. Take some time to really look at what’s out there and to see what you can do with it. In the end, it will make the process of putting it all together just a little bit easier for you to take care of.
  • What sort of business are you looking to run? A restaurant is going to need something different than a café does, and a café has different needs than a bookstore. By knowing what sort of needs you have going into it, you can put together a setup that really works well for you in the long run.
  • How much do you have to spend on the process? Budget is always a concern, so make sure that you know just how much money that you have and how you want to get it all taken care of. It will help you to be a little more reasonable when it comes to just what you want to do to get it all to work.
  • Do you need it to be adjustable? Do you need to be able to move tables or desks around? Do you need dividers that can be adjusted as needed? Make sure that you know that information ahead of time as well.

Getting help from shopfitters Sunshine Coast is a big deal, and Whiteoak Devleopments want to help you figure out what steps that you need to take and how to move forward with your ideas and your plans for your small or large business.

What is Involved in Building Maintenance Sunshine Coast?

When you are someone that runs your own business, you have a number of concerns which you need to keep track of. Not only do you have to take care of things like the financial concerns of your business, but you also need to make sure that, no matter what you may be experiencing, that you have the opportunity to look at your building and keep it in the best shape possible. What is involved in building maintenance Sunshine Coast in the first place?

  • Repairs on the building itself. If you own your business building, you know that there are a lot of responsibilities that come with taking care of your building. How do you know that you’re getting what you need and are you able to find ways to make it all work? How do you know that your roof isn’t falling apart or that you aren’t going to end up spending way too much on the process? That’s where building maintenance Sunshine Coast can help you to keep it all in order.
  • Inspections and code updates. You are likely getting regular inspections and the codes of your city or province are likely changing on a regular basis. Because of that, you need to make sure that your building is keeping up with the changes that need to occur. Businesses like Whiteoak Developments that focus on building maintenance Sunshine Coast will do everything that they can to make sure that your building keeps up with these codes and inspection needs.
  • Arranging and changing the interior setup of your business. Are you looking to remodel or rearrange the way that your storefront is set up? Maybe you are in a situation where you are seeking out options for an addition. By looking at everything that is available and making sure that you know what you’re looking at with it, you can discover options that make sense and that are going to help your business look great and work efficiently. Many times, you can find options for shopfitters Sunshine Coast that can make this work better as well.
  • Cleaning and other maintenance concerns. General upkeep can take a lot of time and effort if you don’t go about things the right way. Because of that, you want to make sure that you’re looking for a company that doesn’t only deal with shopfitting Sunshine Coast, but that they are going to be able to come in, clean up, and maintain pretty much anything and everything that you could want to have done to make your business look great all of the time.

There are a number of options for you to consider when you start to look at building maintenance Sunshine Coast. If you are seeking assistance for your needs or you want to ensure that you get help from professionals that know the business well, you can find a number of solutions on the internet and through various channels. Getting help for your business maintenance needs can be a huge asset and help your business to grow and thrive.

What Are the Traits of a Good Shopfitter?

So, you are starting your own business and you want to make sure that you’re going to be able to fit in the retail space that you have rented or purchased. That being said, it can be difficult to try and figure out just what you want to be able to do when it comes to meeting the needs of shopfitting Sunshine Coast. What sorts of traits should you be looking for?

When you start looking at shopfitters Sunshine Coast, here are some of the things that you want to try and look at or keep in mind.

  • How much of a budget do they have to work with? If you have a large budget, you want to do what you can to make the whole area as attractive and efficient as possible. If you have a smaller budget, you want to make sure that you’re doing what you can in order to stay on top of things and that they are going to help you find a solution that makes sense in the long run.
  • What due dates are you trying to adhere to? Even if you are in a hurry, you want to make sure that you’re working with a company that will take care of you and whatever you may be trying to work on with your project.
  • What sort of business are you running and is the setup going to fit what you want? A good shopfitter is going to take care of you and your needs. They will talk to you about what is going on and make sure that you have everything that you could ever need
  • Is it energy efficient? Saving money for your rental agency and for your utilities is a good idea no matter how old or new the business is, so putting in energy efficient options is always a good idea.
  • What fittings are you looking to put in? The fittings for your business are also a big deal. You want to find ones that work for what you’re doing and that are going to allow you to feel a little more confident about how your whole business is going to work.

If you are looking for a good shopfitter, then you want to make sure that you put all of these things in order for it. Take the time to talk to a company like White Oak Developments to see what they recommend and to ensure that you know what you’re getting yourself into with the project as well.