3 Retail Store Design Tips to Help Increase Sales

The reality is, the quality of your products and services tells your customers a lot about your business. That being said, the way you present them to your customers is just as important when it comes to turning a prospect into a customer, and the right shopfitters on the Sunshine Coast can help create the perfect design for your shop.

Similar to the way a home conveys the character of an individual or the family that lives inside, your retail store design coupled with the customer experience you provide has a major impact on your store’s sales performance.

If you’re looking for a quick fix, try implementing these 3 retail store design tips to help you increase sales.

Create a Path

Creating a path that guides your customers around the store, and one that eventually leads your customers to the point of sale should be part of an effective shopfitting plan. A good shopfitter will consider things like how to use flooring to create different zones for segmenting your merchandise and how a pathway or flow can be used to entice customers towards a certain area of your store or right to a specific product.

Don’t Forget about Your Silent Salesperson

You’re probably thinking, “my silent salesperson?” What would a store be like if the shop attendants said nothing? All joking aside, one of the biggest pitfalls in shopfitting design is the lack of signage, their lack of charm and the confusing messages they often convey to your customers.

Any retail signs you use, should captivate your customer and inspire them to buy. You can do this by incorporating the words ‘you’ or ‘yours’ while keeping the message and call-to-action clear and concise. If your ‘silent salesperson’ or signage forces customers to ask for further clarification, then you probably have more customers ‘abandoning carts’ then you even realise.

Appeal to the Senses

Depending on your brand and the type of products you sell, you want to create an atmosphere that appeals to all of your customers’ senses. Some examples of this might be to use colours that trigger certain emotions. You can craft the perfect ‘vibe’ for your shop by playing the right kind of music. You can also appeal to their sense of touch by allowing your customers to touch and feel your products.

Powerful scents can bring inspire emotions, memories, and even decision-making. Your retail shop can be your most efficient salesperson when the right design is implemented and used.

Shopfitters on the Sunshine Coast

Give some of these quick retail store tips a try and watch your stores’ sales skyrocket! Naturally, you don’t have to implement these design tips alone. Talk to one of our shopfitting experts on the Sunshine Coast to see how they can help your business boom.